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John Knodel

Research Professor,
University of Michigan, Population Studies Center

Ph.D., Princeton University
M.A., Princeton University
B.A., Duke University

Geographic Focus:

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Dr. Knodel has conducted research in the areas of social demography in developing countries (specializing in Southeast Asia and particularly Thailand) and European historical demography. His current research focuses on Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam and involves studies of the status of and support systems for the elderly, the impact of the AIDS epidemic on older persons, and family change.

Related Projects

Socio-demographic Impact of AIDS Epidemic on Elderly in Thailand

The overarching goal of this project is to advance an empirically grounded understanding of how the AIDS epidemic directly and indirectly affects older persons (defined as 50 and above) in a developing country setting, and to advance the methodologies necessary to achieve this understanding. Our research focused on Thailand, a country with a medium level of HIV. To achieve this goal, we collected extensive quantitative and qualitative data using a variety of methods and also took advantage of limited preexisting data. While we explore how older persons themselves may be put at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS, our main focus is on the various indirect impacts on older persons associated with the infection of their adult children. Such indirect impacts include economic and opportunity costs associated with care giving to infected children, potential loss of old age support from infected children, raising orphaned grandchildren, and health related effects, including physical and psychological strain. We also examine coummity reaction and AIDS related stigma. We use microsimulation techniques to estimate the number of older persons who will suffer the death of a child due to AIDS; and a combination of surveys, in depth interviews, and key informant interviews to assess the types and intensity of these effects. We published a large number of research reports, journal articles and book chapters from the project. (See longer description for more details).

The Impact of AIDS, Poverty, and Social Upheaval on the Elderly: The Case of Cambodia

This project collects and analyzes data from a representative survey of persons aged 60 and over in Cambodia conducted in 2004. The survey is intended to provide information on the current social, economic and health status of older persons; to assess the impact of the political turmoil of the last few decades on their support structures, health, and economic well-being; to examine the impact of the AIDS epidemic on their well-being; and to assess their knowledge and attitudes related to AIDS. (See longer description for more details).

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