Research Network on HIV/AIDS and the Elderly

The Research Network on HIV/AIDS and the Elderly represents an international network of researchers with interest in the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on older persons.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic potentially affects older persons in various ways. While some older persons themselves are at risk or infected, a much larger number are affected through the illness or death of others, especially their adult sons and daughters or family or community members. Yet research concerned with how older persons are affected is still at a very early stage. The web site focuses on the impact of HIV/AIDS on older persons, including their role as AIDS caregivers and care providers for AIDS orphans. We hope by providing a focused site through which members of the network can share information and ideas that the web site will help further research on this subject and the dissemination of findings from such research.

More specifically the objectives of the Research Network on HIV/AIDS and the Elderly include:

  • Connect researchers and others interested this subject with one another.
  • Provide information about current and past projects related to the impact of HIV/AIDS on older persons.
  • Provide information on developments in the field, including new or planned studies, new governmental policies and programs, and relevant conferences and meetings.
  • Serve as a modest clearing house of relevant articles, reports, bibliographies, etc.

The web site relies primarily on network member contributions. Thus, we encourage members to contribute jointly to this effort to ensure comprehensive and timely information. Comments, suggestions and contributions are encouraged at anytime.

The network is part of the activities of the Michigan Center for the Demography of Aging at the University of Michigan and funded by the U.S. National Institute on Aging.


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